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Lekach Tov is a FREE Biblical Hebrew software supported by  Lekach Store, it guides you through the words of the
Torah Haftara and Tefilla.

Simply click and it will give you the shoresh (root) and binyan (structure) of the
verb and connect it to other verses where the verb appears.

Currently in Lekach Tov Biblical Biblical Hebrew software there are 1974 verbs and 2437 nouns linked to 12811

It has verbs conjugations and test on verbs, nouns , shoresh , binyan , tense,
Where am I ? and Bible comprehension quiz.

Lekach Tov Biblical Hebrew Software has also the following features:

Open Source Thesaurus
Connect verbs and nouns to verbs and nouns that have the same shoresh and shows

where the verb and noun is mentioned.

Search in Hebrew or English for verbs or nouns and open the passage where the verse is mentioned.

- Current Coverage

The book of Bereshit

The book of Shemot

Haftarot of the book of Bereshit

Haftarot of the book of Shemot

Most of the Siddur